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- Nidhi Karnavat Chopra

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Pop Goes the Art is a Children’s Lifestyle label established in 2008. PGTA (as it is lovingly known) has evolved over the last decade, positioning itself as a leading brand in the kids’ space. Be it it's ready-to-buy collection or made-to-order products, the brand stands tall with its unmatched quality, premium design aesthetics and on-point customer service.

Pop Goes the Art’s mission is to break the norm and monotony with its products. Every creation is unisex – breaking the gender barrier, and styled to appeal to grownups – smashing the ‘age appropriate design’ cliché.



Nidhi Karnavat Chopra, founder of Pop Goes the Art, has an educational background in mass media, but her ardour for art, design and colour, made her shift careers almost a decade ago.


The foray into revamping the brand and focussing on children’s products is especially close to Nidhi’s heart, given her own journey into motherhood. After becoming a mother, she noticed a clamp down on children’s idiosyncrasies at a very nascent stage where mothers stick to run-of-the-mill cartoon characters and reiterate stereotypical colours in their child’s early years. Superheroes for boys and unicorns for girls, forces young minds into boxes even before they’re able to grasp anything she believes.


Nidhi continues to discourage conformist toys and ideas, and believes that we must give our children an unbiased upbringing, and active imagination and lateral perspective. She is continually striving to erase the gap between ‘boy’ objects and things used for ‘girls’. It’s high time we treat our children as equals - amongst each other, and with their parents.